Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Smoky Woman

recently i have stumbled upon a level-headed short film titled Meesai. to say level headed could be little misleading; but the truth is it feeld like tight slap on plump face.

i dont know of what purpose cigarettes were created in the first place. what was the first person who created the cigarettes was even thinking? burning materials into ashes and sucking in the smoke creates a warm cozy  feeling, and that is worth spreading around? or it just caught up as a sensation?

a-n-y-how...  this chemical filled 'phallus' that we are inhaling, subliminally created its own standard of gentlemen-hood. from that, it creates a clan made of the like-minded gentlemen. it gave class, manners and even some sense of power.

however when comes to smoking, there is a issue of gender that vaguely transform the whole matter into issue of morality. when guy does it it is totally negligible, but one see a lady pumping her lungs to inhale chemical fogs, BAM!!  there you have it; a deviant adamant creature. conservative society directly labels such women as a person with lack of morality and all sort of crap.

does a phallus all it takes to even smoke? or is it the fairer sex must not smoke?
thing to ponder...

in a world where gender equality is in bloom, let us not discriminate women in such cheap manner.
  think equality, preach equality and practice equality.

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