Monday, 10 February 2014

Praying To Myself

if i pray for something now, would i definitely register my wish to His Must-Do-List or just as a placebo for me to calm the shit down?

having said enough about religion and its mystical order of things, homosapiens came to a desperate point where it makes perfect sense for anyone to do anything to achieve everything. 

drinking holy-blessed liquid, slaughter a living creature, poke needles through dolls, take a ritualistic aura cleansing bath and so on... from money to 'honey', u name it, peoples always  wish for things, and will pray for those things to happen.

so i got a question.. what will happen if we pray? what just happen there? of course all of the psychologists have a lecture to brief you about how prayer works, but, YOU as a die hard devotee of religion, what do you expect when you pray?

is it like, u just assume everything will fall into the right places? or is it like God listens to you and will deliberate the correct path for you? or at least, what is actually made you think the prayer through religion is effective solution?

something is missing aite? it make perfect sense to me when you say "Im praying to myself" rather than "Praying to God", because when you pray to yourself, you are telling the power in you to work things right, put things in order for you to achieve the prayer. 

for me, when you pray; pray to yourself, it is like reinstating of what you should do, recollect things that is under your control and put that to work. for example, i pray for a BMW car; automatically we would know what to do to get a BMW car. our logical mind tells us that. and if we put forth determination and unquestionable efforts, we would slowly heading to a path where, you would be pressing the accelerator pedal on your luxurious BMW.

the power to own things is right there in our very own 1.3 kilogram brain.

maybe that is the boring part after all. where even thinking the idea that we should 'WORK for it' is already tiring and hence we rather skip the logical reasoning and opt for more 'spiritual' or 'holisitic' approach of praying, where we 'blindfoldedly' believe that when you pray (without hardwork) it will be totally all right.

"a person of own consciousness and logical mind, does not need a Holy book or a religion to preach him on what to do."
-vijendran b

all i'm trying to say is, pray more honestly to your self. ask your self the rationale. tell yourself on what to do. drown yourself with positive thoughts. gratitude and be humble of what's under you. and of course always put sincere efforts to everything and all will just fall right in its place.. like a universe-synchornised-harmonius jigsaw :D

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