Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Life & Feedback Control Loop

optimism is self amplifying feedback loop

being as an engineer, we were thought about theories, concepts and things. of course most of it end up in junk box. one of the subject that i was fascinated about was Control Theory. the subject is about theories on how to control mechanical robots/equipment just by the means instrumentatio/electrical or in laymen term, automatically.

what is amazing about Control theory is, just some weird looking math formulas and concepts that can ACTUALLY move things and do things for us. cool aite??

control theory is extremely vast knowledge; and not to mention its application varies from aviation to mechanical automation.

cutting things short, one basic concept of control theory (or one of the basic concept) is feedback control theory. feedback theory in short is comparing current value/parameter with desired/setpoint value/parameter, and making continuous adjustment till current parameter (almost) equivalent to setpoint value.

so feedback theory tries to eliminates the error produced by certain chemical/mechanical process to operate machinery, equipment to be in desired range. to me, it really sounds like a philosophical life lesson. imagine the 'System' if the picture above as 'LIFE' and substitute 'Controller' with 'Attitude' and 'Sensor' with 'Realisation'. makes pretty perfect sense isnt?

now this is so nerdy; i know.. but when you realise things that revolves around you, constantly teaching you positive matters, it is totally up to our consciousness to accept it ; or even embrace it. its so positive to reflect our deeds, to look back what we have done wrong and start a revolutionary or perhaps motivating routine that will keep the dharma fire burning!

that thinking my friend, is the million dollar attitude that winners possess :D

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