Saturday, 7 May 2016

Quantifying God

Hindu. I was born into it. like so many other Hindus.
the one that right next to me who am I working with, he was born into a Muslim family. not so great piece of information; realizing the fact that many other born into some sort of different religion.
being born in different religion, some claims that The One is in singular form. some claim he/she/it is in the plural form. He is omnipotent, omnifarious, omniscient, omnipresent and a lot more weird word that could be used to describe the Great one; like we know it.
the whole idea of describing God is gross.  don't you think that it is utterly pathetic to declare that you 'know' Him, given that: you never met him, zero knowledge of his whereabouts, clueless on his looks, behavior, sense of morale & characters. people are fighting over centuries just to declare that they have more profound knowledge on God than anybody else. just ponder about it. all those wars, massacres, suicidal threaths etc, just to reinstate what THEY THINK IT IS RIGHT. they think they know Him. they think they follow Him. they claim that they are His obedient & pious (or should I say vicious) earthlings.
with the religion system being very much secondarily passed onto others, people do not have ANY clue the actual/real/ultimate truth about God. we recognizes God as what our parents told us. as what those preachers illustrated to us. as what described in holy books. ironically, very few of us get to experience God by ourselves, despite all these guiding sources. those holy crappy theory that says "you need a river to guide you to the vast ocean" idea is what we human believe to achieve. we want to get to God based on what it has been pictured to us.
fluffy clouds-filled heaven, white tall figure of God, ungodly bass voice that entice you (im thinking of a male's voice, but yah you can picture it as anything you want) .... those are the pictures that pops in your head that YOU WISH TO SEE the first thing when you are dead. how many of us beg to differ on that? how many of us think out of the box for once? we are so afraid to let go what we know in search of what we should know. more or less, we are 'cultivated' to scripted plot of being born as human- living a life- ultimate purpose-death-afterlife. and happens to be that, throughout the years of living, we realize greatest piece of knowledge at the very brink of our death. too late to dwell in it.  all those information that we know about religion are scripted with some reference to holy books and things that great sages/prophets/messengers told us IN WHICH could have diverted very much from what they originally conveyed over the freaking thousands of years.
recently in Malaysia, there was this huge hype on Mr Zakir Naik (just google about him) coming to Malaysia and preaching about the differences of religions and how Islam prevail to be the only ultimate religion. isn't that funny? I might believe it if the Holy Prophet himself come and preached it rather than a bookworm who reads-it-all preached  and claims that he found the Answer. we can say that he (and many other religious preachers of different sects) did not met God face-to-face in the first place. even if he did, he will not be telling everyone to abandon the religion that you believe in and start to follow some other religion. basically you do not have to. Jesus did not do it. Muhammad did not do it. Even Buddha didn't. during the time they exists, they did not come across Hindu-Islam-Jewism-Christianity-Buddishm at the same location.  Even If they did, they had the immense self-enlightenment to foresee all the religion only leads to one purpose; one God.
we fail to recognize that piece of knowledge. we fail to decipher that the small truth behind all of those thousands of pages of the holy books actually dictates, Him as in  only in ONE form. The One. Singular. Distinctive.
just like a coin with two sides. So singular yet plural in perspective.
maybe, just maybe, the four headed brahma is also The Ra himself. maybe too Allah. or perhaps, He was in the form of Muhammad/Buddha/Jesus. we would not have any clue to say "It Cant be". we will never know. as it always meant to be. just like HE intended in all of the creation.
and yeah, here we are trying to "understand" his creation. claiming to "know" him. quantifying him yet in the first place failed to embrace the purpose of human existence. just like fitting in jigsaw puzzle with no picture in it. stupid maybe?

religion is self journey. self realization is key to spiritualism that all religion preaches.
haha! what a paradox. we have so many holy books preaching stories but yet, not one triggered the Ultimate Truth to anybody. and perhaps, if it would have; well maybe I am just not aware of it. Just like the other 7.4 billions of crooked-heads roaming on the Earth.


  1. My exact thoughts! Such a good read on a Thursday morning :P

  2. Haha
    U still read my blog!
    Thnk you!!

  3. Haha
    U still read my blog!
    Thnk you!!



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