Sunday, 4 May 2014

Yendharo' Mahaanu Bhaavulu

as usual, listening to music and passing the ticking clock again. Youtube is great. comedy, tears, sickening stuffs to magical moments. it has everything. its like a library of emotion that most want to show off to others. to me Youtube opens up possibilities of you learn stuffs. good and bad.

awesome rendition of classic kirtana.. be sure of listening to it!

recently i came across a beautiful video of carnatic-contemporary fusion. its all originated in India, where people do mashups of music world just to see whether its working. LOL. and guess what, IT IS WORKING~!

this spesific piece is using Telegu kirtana as the lyrics with guitars and what not, in which the contemporary element comes in. the song is entitled as Entharo Mahanu Bavulu (There are so many Mahaans). It is said Sage Thyagaraja created the song after came in person with lots of gurus, sages, and mesmerised by them.

what caught into me was, even a music genius of his time could feel modest to very ground till he creates a song and dedicate his bhakti (devotion)  to them. it is simply amazaing a guy with much knowledge could even admit that he does coexist with greater men. in WHICH, most men would not admit. we men, mostly think we are the greatest this alive. we think the world revolves around us. EGO. BOASTFUL. NOT GOOD.

the first line of the kirtan reads :
Yentharo mahaanu baavulu, anthariki vandhanamulu
there are so many Mahaans, to all my salutations

it is very rare that a man would agree or accept another man's wit and intelligence at ease. there is always the 'gate' of egoism that block us. the idea of Sage Thyagaraja himself felt so modest really made me thinking, how many of us feel modest and grateful of being surrounded by intelligent people? how many of us does not feel jealous of another man's knowledge..? and how many of us try to respect and learn positive things from a greater man with humble heart?

thing to ponder...

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